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5th-Mar-2012 03:29 am - Secret Santa Fic/Art
Cas ; kissed a girl
Oh wow, I just realized I never posted this!

Secret Santa stuff for bellaxcarlisleCollapse )
Cas ; kissed a girl
This is for sonofabiscuit77's story "The Psychology of Genetic Sexual Attraction" for this year's spnslashbigbang

I don't really know anything about the formalities of this post... Am I supposed to include a Summary etc here as well?

Anyway, here it is! Art!Collapse )
10th-Mar-2011 11:16 am - Friends Only!
Cas ; kissed a girl
Because my last account has been spammed and I didn't like the name anymore anyway, I made a new one! :) This time, it's

to avoid new spams. Seriously, who spams people on LJ anyway?

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